Bosque Brewing Co. - Luna Capital Advisors
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Bosque Brewing Co.

We were a tiny company when we got started in this strip mall, and over time as we’ve grown we’ve picked up more and more suites. Demand for our product has increased substantially our production has ramped up by an exponential amount. We’ve come up with a name for one of our major problems here, and that the strip mall struggle. Basically, we have people that go from suite to suite going up and down the strip mall taking empty kegs, clean kegs, ingredients all that. It makes it really difficult to complete the tasks that bring world-class beer to our customers by having to struggle through the inefficiencies of being in a strip mall. Because of our partnership with Luna Capital, we’re finally going to be able to move into a space that is much more efficient and relieves the strip mall struggle. We’ve got big plans and one of the biggest barriers has always been money. Luna has come in and has really removed one of the biggest barriers to help facilitate this major growth.